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Harmonic Life Vocations


New - Vocations Report!

Just like your personality traits are affected by your astrological sign and the position of the planets at your birth, so is your predisposition to certain types of vocations.  Whether you’re looking for insight in career planning, looking for a job change,  trying to figure out your college major or just want to see if you have “Star” power, you’ll find this vocation report entertaining, informative, insightful and sometimes shocking. 

How accurate are they?  The baseline used for testing in Harmonic Life was a career comparison between famous athletes, performer, scientists, world leaders and other easily recognizable individuals.  Try the vocation report using them as an example, you might be surprised.  Out of 288 different vocations in our database -- famous people's vocations show up in the top 25 of the list almost 80% of the time.  If you haven’t had a chance to try the other Harmonic life options, then try the other reports.



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